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Growing Stars
Growing Stars
Growing Stars


Parents are expected to bring in:

  • Diapers

  • Wipes

  • A full change of clothes

  • Breast milk or formula (for infants)

  • Bottles

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Diaper rash ointment

  • Lotion

  • Any needed outdoor clothing depending on weather.


GROWING STARS CDC provides all food for meals, dishes, silverware, cups, art supplies, etc.


To protect each family's confidentiality GROWING STARS CDC  will not share information about a child or a child's family with anyone who is not authorized to receive this information.


As a child care center, all staff is required to report any suspected abuse or neglect to the county’s Child Protective Services (CPS) office or law enforcement.  If an employee or volunteer is suspected of having mistreated a child that person will be subject to immediate suspension pending the outcome of the CPS investigation.  The incident will be reported to the Department of Children and Families within 24 hours of occurrence. 

Growing Stars

Payment Schedule

  • If there will be a third party payment, as from an employer or the county, a special payment schedule will be arranged and detailed in the contract.  Parents will be responsible for any specified co-payments or unpaid amounts. We do accept the Wisconsin subsidy program.

  • Payments will be made weekly with cash, check, or credit/debit card on Fridays.  If payment is not made by the end of the business day on Monday a late fee of $20 will be assessed to your bill. If payment is not made by the end of the business day on Monday, care will not be provided until debt is paid.

  • Refunds WILL NOT be given for days when children do not attend for illness or other reasons.

  • GROWING STARS  CDC has established the rates.  

  • Rates are higher for children under 2 YEARS OF AGE than for older children.

  • There will be a 10% discount for second oldest child (only on children age 2 years and above) from one family.  We do not offer referral bonuses at this time.

  • GROWING STARS CDC DOES charge a registration fee.  A yearly registration fee of $50 ($75 for families with more than one child) must be paid at time of enrollment (and thereafter on anniversary date) /with the first tuition payment and required paperwork.

  • There WILL be an extra fee assessed for late pick up of a child. A late fee of $5.00 per minute for every minute after closing time will be assessed and the total amount will be need to be paid when you arrive to pick up your child.

  • You will be charged an additional fee of $30 if your check does not clear the bank.

Growing Stars
Growing Stars


We're all about Activities!

GROWING STARS CDC staff will plan a schedule of activities (a week or more in advance) and provide children with a variety of experiences.  Staff uses a variety of resources in their planning. We will also use the services of the Wisconsin Child Care Information Center (800-362-7353) and access their resources to plan activities.


The activities focus on theme based interests of the children and lesson plans are available for parents to view. Learning through play is the major component of our program.  Enough time, materials and space will be provided for children to actively explore the world around them. 


Children will have an opportunity to use a variety of art materials, manipulative and housekeeping equipment.  Our curriculum (Creative Curriculum) will provide exposure to a variety of cultures through music, stories, games and art, and we will celebrate how we are all the same and how we are all different from one another. 


Routines such as toileting and eating and intervals between activities are planned to avoid keeping children waiting in lines or assembled in large groups.

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