Parents interested in enrolling their children at GROWING STARS must meet with the Director to discuss their child's specific needs and to review program policies.


This can be accomplished by calling and making an appointment with the center director or stopping by the center to talk to the center Director.  The following items must be completed and returned to the center (along with registration fee and tuition) within 3 days of appointment to guarantee a spot for your child.

  • Form DCF-62, "Child Care Enrollment"

  • Form DCF-44, "Heath History and Emergency Care Plan

  • Form DCF-104, “Alternate Arrival/Release Agreement" (if applicable)

  • Form DCF-56, "Child Care Center Transportation Permission" (if applicable)

  • Form DCF-61, "Child Care Intake for Child Under 2 Years" (if applicable)

The Director will inform parents when updates are needed, giving 30 days’ advance notice to submit updated forms.

Due, completed, within 30 days after child starts attending:

  • Form DPH-4192, "Day Care Immunization Record" or an electronic record of your child's immunizations


Due, signed by medical professional, within 90 days after child begins attending:

  • Form DCF-60, "Child Health Report"


We will never refuse to enroll a child on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, political persuasion, national origin, handicap, ancestry or sexual orientation. 


Parents must meet with the Director to discuss their child's specific needs and to review program policies.  I will make a reasonable accommodation for a child with disabilities as specified under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Things to know

Parents are welcome to visit the child care program at any time during the hours of operation unless parental access is prohibited or restricted by a court order.  If so, we will need a copy of the order.  Please understand that we cannot legally limit access to a parent if there is not a copy of a court order on file at the center.

Children will only be released to persons listed on the enrollment form.  If anyone other than the child's parent or someone who is listed on the enrollment form is to pick up a child, we need to be notified in writing or by a telephone call in advance.  The person picking up the child may need to show a driver's license or another picture ID.